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Weekend Bakesale/Wineglass Marathon

Thanks to the help of Lori the 2nd bake sale was a great success! We had a variety of items from candy apples, cookies, pies, apple crisp, mini breads, rice krispies, hotdogs... A ton of stuff! We had help from Lori's mom and a few of Lori's co-workers, in terms of baked goods, so this time we really had a huge spread. The grand total was around $450! I did have a few problems though. I wrapped the candy apples with clear cellophane and when I went to eat one the day after the bake sale I found out that the plastic wouldn't come off! It ended up peeling off in little pieces and I couldn't get it off no matter how hard I tried. Soooo... a big SORRY! to all the people who bought them. I didn't realize that would happen. :( Also, I made pecan bars and put them out on the porch to cool. The next day I found a hole in my screen on the porch and most of the bags were missing. A few of them were scattered with claw marks and big holes in them. I guess the squirrels wanted the pecans...

So, in terms of my goal I'm about $444 short right now. I'm hoping I can pull it off by the 11th!

After the bake sale J. and I headed to Corning for the Wineglass Marathon. We did the first leg of the relay (9 miles). It was a good look at how a marathon works, even though it was around 700 people instead of 15k. :) We headed out and ran through some really beautiful countryside. The leaves were all changing and the weather was a perfect mid-50's. The majority of the first leg of the relay was hills, but they weren't bad - more gradual and long. My ankles and knees were a bit sore afterward but for the most part I enjoyed the run. It really helped to have J. to run with. I know he could of gone much faster than my pace so it was nice of him to run with the slow poke ;) Actually I did run a bit faster than normal, around a 10:30 in the first half. By mile 6 or 7 I slowed down, so I probably averaged around a 12 min. mile. Not great, but I was OK with it. We met a few people along the way who ran with us for a mile or so. It was interesting to hear their stories on how they got involved in running.

After we finished our leg we headed back to the finish line and waited for the rest of the team. Our coach finished in 3:40 or so and qualified for the Boston Marathon. He also came in 3rd in his age division. (I think he is the above 50 group) The overall winner was a guy with a time of 2:40. It was his first marathon! The 2nd place overall winner was a woman. :)

There was free food, massages, and goodie bags for all the runners. We got a bottle of wine (although someone snatched mine on accident), a red running jersey with the Wineglass logo on it, and a shiny new metal.

So, the SF marathon is coming up soon! I am excited for the race and to experience that big of a marathon. Honestly I am really looking forward to completing this charity event mostly because I would like some personal time back. I have been training and raising donations since May and I am at the point where I need to work on my business more and move on to new things. It's been a great experience though and I would recommend it to someone who wants to take on a big challenge.

A few photos from the bake sale and the marathon:
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Running at noon is a bad idea!

I decided to run with Jim today. He signed up to do the relay race next weekend with me so he wanted to get a few miles in before then. However, our good intentions didn't go so well thanks to the hot weather. We left at noon and after about two miles I was feeling miserable from the heat (mid 80's and humid). I tried to keep up the pace but ended up walking most of the 7 mile run. I really hope SF is cool because I am just about useless in hot weather. Anyway, we finished the run/walk at least and I am going to run a quick 3 mile tomorrow to make up for it. After the run we headed over to Freeville for a BBQ with my family. Yum!

This week will be lots of preparing for the bake sale. I need to call a bunch of people, get the supplies together, and bake numerous cookies/muffins/etc. I also need to follow up with a bunch of businesses that I sent donations letters to that I haven't heard back from. After the bake sale I'm going to head over to Corning with Jim and stay there that night so I don't have to get up super early and drive to the race on Sunday. I am so thankful for all the help I am getting from my family!

I'll update Monday with photos from the bake sale and the relay race!

One month to go!

So, only about a month until my donation money is due! I am starting to get a bit nervous. Otherwise training is going well and I'm doing a mini race (9 miles) this month which should be fun.


I am also working on a bake sale at Walmart this month and hopefully I can get a few more donations through the mail. (one for $1000 would be great...!)

I'm also offering my photography prints in exchange for donations. You can find some of my work here:


I can print up to 11x14 in the rectangular format and 24x24 or larger in the medium format. I can also do card sets. Just let me know if you are interested!


$1500 to go!!

I am about $1500 from my goal of $4100 for the Society. I am planning another bake sale in September and having a donation-to-benefit-leukemia yard sale this weekend. I'm hoping both those events will be good fund raisers. I'm also planning another round of donation request letters to send out this week. I feel pretty good though at this point that I will make the goal.

In other news I missed my run this morning (10 miles), so I will have to do it later when it cools off by myself. I had a bad case of vertigo last night before bed and when I woke up this morning at 6 for the run I was still dizzy so I just went back to sleep. I really hate doing the long runs by myself though!

Also, I am offering my photographic prints (digitally printed) as well as my craft rings (with mini photographs) in exchange for donations. Just let me know if you are interested!

Here are links to my photographs as well as the rings:

http://latentimages.deviantart.com/ (just click on the link for gallery in the upper right)

http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5181176 (I will also do custom photos) And I'm thinking of doing ones with the purple ribbon for cancer awareness.



So, I ran a half marathon on Saturday! :) However, after the run I felt like I was going to die of pain. My ankles and knees and feet where so sore that I could barely walk.

I decided to go to a sports med doc and see what was going on and how I could fix it. Unfortunately the doctor advised me to drop back down to the half. He diagnosed me with Tibialis posterior tendonitis dysfunction and Pes planus (flatish feet). All of this is a result of running too many miles too quickly I guess. He said most runners have some background in running before they attempt a marathon. Additionally, they tend to train more than six months to prepare. Also, he advised me to go see a PT to have them create a at-home routine to strengthen my legs and core to prepare me for the half marathon. (to do every day of the week) I'm also cutting my miles by 2/3.

I guess I am a bit disappointed but at the same time I can devote more time to donations and I can always keep training and do a full marathon next year after becoming more adjusted to running and strengthening my muscles. It will still be an accomplishment for me to finish the 1/2 and I can focus more on a good finishing time, too.
So, I decided to take my mentor's advice and go to the foot doctor. I found one nearby who had an opening right away and was way more reasonable than the other places I checked with ($$ wise). Turns out I have weird feet! According to the doctor, the little bone that has been giving me all the pain has another little bone, like a pebble, on top of it! (both feet)

Since I have issues with over pronation, in addition to this little extra bone, when I run the bone hits the side of my shoe causing it to become irritated and bruised. She sent me away with a thick piece of foam to stick inside my shoe in the area before the little bone. Supposedly this will create an open space in that area so the bone won't hit my shoe.

Anyway, glad it wasn't a fracture or something and hopefully this simple solution will do the trick.

In other news, I am deciding on if I should do the full marathon. As long as my feet cooperate and all goes well, my team thinks I should just do the full. I have been training for the full since June and I've already ran 12 miles (close to the 1/2). I am still not 100% sure but I am definitely considering it. I still have close to a month to make a final decision.

Weekend Run

Well, I ran 12 miles yesterday! The mileage is starting to get up there and during the week I'm hanging in there but the 12 miles was difficult yesterday. About mid-way through the run I started getting chilly and had goose bumps all over. I'm guessing it is because I was dehydrated or possibly had heat exhaustion. It was a lesson to make sure I drink enough water the night before as well as load up on carbs. I had only ate about 1200 calories the day before, not nearly enough to sustain a 12 mile run. Also, my feet are really bothering me. The little bone (I believe it's the cuboid) on the inside of my foot hurts on longer distances. After the run I feel like a cripple and can barely walk without excruciating pain. Unfortunately, I really don't have the cash to go visit a foot doctor but I also don't want it to get worse. So... I don't know, I need to figure out what to do about it. I'm going to also try the gels and beans and see if they help with longer distance for energy.

Also, on the donation front. I haven't got many lately so I need to send out another round of letters and perhaps a few reminders. I'm going to plan a second bake sale also. My friend Homan mentioned holding a silent auction which I think is a great idea but I'm not sure where I would hold it and who I would invite. Hmm... so I need to think about that.


sore ankles, etc.

After my last run on Saturday (10 miles) my ankles were super sore. Well, not exactly my ankles but the little bones on the inside of my feet. Not sure if they are part of your ankle? Anyway, I didn't run for a few days to rest them. I ran yesterday and today and they were still a bit sore but by mid-run they felt pretty normal. Hopefully I didn't over-do it.

The week before that I went to Aruba so I attempted to jog there along the ocean but it was super hot so I didn't make it very far. I ended up using the treadmill and was surprised at how easy it was from the last time I used a treadmill. I guess that means I'm getting in shape. :) My legs are definitely sore. My mom was nice and bought me a massage so I can't wait to make use of that. (yay mom!)

I also decided to go to a yoga/strength training class once a week. I think it will be helpful to work on building muscle as well as keeping limber.

Donations have slowed waaaay down. I guess I need to get back on top of the letter writing and possibly have another bake sale next month.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. :)